Sunday, April 19, 2009

An award from Teresa!!

I received this award from my SBS and blogging friend Teresa and I was really honored to get it!! Thanks so much Teresa (be sure to check out her blog...she does amazing work)!! I have to pass this award onto 5 people (which is hard as a lot of people out there have amazing blogs that I like to check out and I think you all deserve it) but I'm going to go with Jacquie, Janet,and my SBS'sDawn, Jamia, and Joey .


Dawn said...

Hiya Sarah

Awww thanks soo much - that is soo nice of you
Off to browse your blog now!!!


Janet said...

awwwwwwww thanks for the award:)

Paper doll said...

AAHHH Sarah, you sweetie! Iam so grateful for this award. Thank You So Very Much:)

joey said...

Hi Sarah, thanks so much for passing this award onto me. Joey.x

TeresaW said...

So glad you like the award Sarah, and also that you like my card. I love the new you, I must remember to update my photo too as I have long hair now. LOL