Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Christmas cards

I'm back and I have some more gorgeous Christmas cards from friends to share with you.

The first card is from Simone, who was my first Bella Sistah. I love everything about this card...I think she did an amazing job on it (I really think that the insect stamp is super cute)!! Thanks so much for the card Simone!!

The second card is from my friend Angel. I've been friends with her since public school but haven't seen her in a couple of years (she moved across Canada and is now living in Portland with her new husband (as they just got married in the Caribbean in October)). I think it's a cute card and I'm hoping to meet up with her sometime in 2009.

And the final card is from my friend Jacquie. This card is so cute...I love the little angel girl and I think she just did a fantastic job on the card!! She also included some little stamps in the card too (which are cute)!! Thanks so much for the card Jacquie!!

I just want to say thanks to everyone who I received a card from...you are all very talented and I'm thankful to know you all!!

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